SHACMAN   focuses on development manufacture and market SHACMAN trucks. Our main products areas are:

1 、 SHACMAN tippers: SHACMAN 4x2 tipper; SHACMAN 6x4 tipper; SHACMAN 8x4tipper.

2 、 SHACMAN concrete mixers: SHACMAN 6x4 mixer; SHACMAN 8x4 mixer. Including 8m3 , 9m3 , 10m3 and 12m3 ,

3 、 SHACMAN tractors: SHACMAN 4x2 tractor; SHACMAN 6x4 tractor

Engine power for the above heavy duty trucks is 260HP, 290HP, 336HP, 360HP.

SHACMAN owns 11 subsidiaries and holding companies. They are Shaanxi Heavy-duty Automobile Co., Ltd, Shaanxi Baoji Huashan Vehicle Co., Ltd, Shaanxi HanDe Axle Co., Ltd, Shaanxi Eurostar Automobile Co., Ltd,

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