SHACMAN   focuses on development manufacture and market SHACMAN trucks. Our main products areas are:

1、 SHACMAN tippers: SHACMAN 4x2 tipper; SHACMAN 6x4 tipper; SHACMAN 8x4tipper.

2、 SHACMAN concrete mixers: SHACMAN 6x4 mixer; SHACMAN 8x4 mixer. Including 8m3 , 9m3 , 10m3 and 12m3 ,

3 、 SHACMAN tracotrs: SHACMAN 4x2 tractor; SHACMAN 6x4 tractor

Engine power for the above heavy duty trucks is 260HP, 290HP, 336HP, 360HP.

SHACMAN owns 11 subsidiaries and holding companies. They are Shaanxi Heavy-duty Automobile Co., Ltd, Shaanxi Baoji Huashan Vehicle Co., Ltd, Shaanxi HanDe Axle Co., Ltd, Shaanxi Eurostar Automobile Co., Ltd, Shaanxi Heavy-duty parts and components Co., Ltd, Shaanxi Tongli Special Vehicle Co., Ltd, Shaanxi HuaHeng Radiator Co., Ltd, Shaanxi WanFang Auto parts and components Co., Ltd, Shaanxi Huazhen Industry and trade Co., Ltd, Shaanxi LanTong Shaft Co., Ltd, and Shaanxi Heavy-duty bus Affiliated Co. etc.Its products covered four sorts and more than 1,000 varieties with distinctive features of assorted specifications and reliable performance, include heavy duty truck, bus (chassis), medium-size heavy truck, and heavy duty axles etc.

QINGONG INTERNATIONAL markets SHACMAN trucks in more than 50 countries and districts all over the world, includes Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Indonesia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Nigeria, Sudan, Angora,Turkey, Brazil, Peru,Cuba, etc

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